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Our Products Include

Amber Poly Bag Cotton Drawstring Bags Zip Lock Bag
Bubble Bags Paper Merchandise Bag Can Liners
Equipment Covers BrrBox Coolers Shipping Boxes
Die Cut Mailer Gel Pack Tape and Tape Guns
Packing Peanuts Packing List Envelopes Poly Strapping
Pallet Wrap Bubble Wrap Cable Ties
Self Seal Bubble Mailer


Bogus Paper


Bubble Wrap:

Durrabubble is great for wrapping products to protect the exterior from harm during shipment and storage!


Bubble Wrap

Product Code Description Unit
AF-00101 Inflatable 3/4"  1250'/roll
BW-1212 Wrap 1/2", s12p12, 4 mil 250'
BW-2412 Wrap 1/2", s24p12, 4 mil 250'
BW-312C 3/16" Slit 12 Perf 12 Cohesive B
BW-316R 3/16" Slit 16 Perf 12 Retail Roll B





With a wide assortment of cutting dies, materials, typestyles and ink colors, we can match what you are currently using or make a new design. We specialize in custom work made to your specifications and also have ready made labels and forms.

Prescription labels can be quoted based on your specifications.


Product Code Description Unit
L-Clean Label - "Clean" 500
L-FHWC Label - "Fragile Handle with Care" 500
L-HWC Label - "Glass Handle with Care" 500
L-MEq Label - "Medical Equipment" green 1000
L-RF23 Label - "Refrigerate" 500
L-RDNF Label - "Refrigerate Do Not Freeze" 500
L-ROA44 Label - "Refrigerate On Arrival" 500
L-SS Label - "Static Sensitive" 500


Can Liners:


Can Liners

Product Code Description Color Unit
CL-2424 Can Liner High Density, 24"x24" Natural* 100/cs
CL-2433 Can Liner High Density, 24"x33" Natural* 1000/cs
CL-4348 Can Liner High Density, 43"x48" Natural* 100/cs

*Natural is a white translucent color.


Self Seal Bubble Mailer:


Self Seal Bubble Mailer

Product Code Description Unit
JBM-0000 Self-Seal Bubble Mailer #0, 6" x10" 250/cs
JBM-0100 Self-Seal Bubble Mailer #1, 7-1/4" x12" 100/cs
JBM-0200 Self-Seal Bubble Mailer #2, 8-1/2" x12" 100/cs

Self-Seal Bubble Mailer #4, 9-1/2" x14-1/2"

JBM-0500 Self-Seal Bubble Mailer #5, 10-1/2" x16"  100/cs
JBM-0600 Self-Seal Bubble Mailer #6, 12-1/2" x19"  50/cs


Packing List Envelope & Packing Peanuts:



Packing List Envelope & Packing Peanuts

Product Code Description Unit
PLE-0405 Packing List Envelope 4" x5" 1000/cs
PP-0020 Packing Peanuts, 20 Cubic Feet Bag
PP-14B Biodegradable Peanuts, 14 Cubic Feet Bag


Tape Guns & Tape:


Tape up boxes with ease! Tape gun design makes it easy and quick to close up a box and send it out.


Tape & Tape Guns

Product Code Description Unit
TA2-GUN 2" Tape Gun Each
TA3-GUN 3" Tape Gun Each
TA2-H129 2" Tape Clear, 110 yards per roll, 36 rls Case
TA3-H129 3" Tape Clear,  110 yards per roll, 24 rls Case


Cable Ties, Pallet Wrap, Poly Strapping and Bogus Paper:



Cable Ties, Pallet Wrap, Poly Strapping, and Bogus Paper

Product Code Description Unit
CTL-8189 Cable Ties - Natural 5.667" 18lb m/bag
 HPW-0718 Pallet Wrap70 Gauge 18" x 1500' 4 rolls/case
MA-3830 Poly Strapping 12,900'. 8" x 8" core roll
PBP-920 Paper Gray Bogus 9" x 20" roll


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