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Apparel and Cleaning Supplies:


Apparel and Cleaning Supplies

Product Code Description Unit
APIG-0424 Isolation Gowns, Yellow 50/case
APML-1826 Isolation Mask,  Surgical w/Earloops 300/case
APL-5740 SMMS Coveralls Elastic Wrist & Ankles 25/case
APBC-0501 Bouffant Cap, Blue 1000/case
APMC-1801 Isolation Mask, Surgical w/Tieback 50/case
APSC-2803 Shoe Gripper Covers, Regular 300/case
JLL-0909 Low lint hood wipes, 9" x 9" 3000/case


Equipment Covers:

Keeps critical equipment and instruments clean and dry during storage and transit.

Kept in individual packages to assure clean, neat bags one at a time as needed.

Tinted bags are also available.


Equipment Covers

Product Code Description Color Unit

Split Spr. Bed Cover, 72" x 52" 1mil

Clear 200/roll
EC-1332 Split Spr. Bed Cover, 72" x 52" 1 mil  Tan 100/roll
EC-1371 Wheelchair Cover 30" x 20" x 35", 1.5mil Clear 150/roll
EC-1601 Equipment Cover, 27" x 36" Clear 500/roll
EC-1677 Clear Equipment Cover, 15" x 9" x 24" Clear 500/case
EC-1678 Equipment Cover, 30" x 20" x 45", 1 mil  Tan 250/roll
EC-1701 Equipment Cover, 20" x 24", 1.5mil Clear 500/case
EC-1702 Equipment Cover, 20" x 24", 1.5mil Tan 500/case
EC-1783 Concentrator Cover, 25" x 15" x 30", 1.5mil Clear 435/roll
EC-1784 Concentrator Cover Tan , 25" x 15" x 30", 1.5mil Tan 250/roll
EC-1785 Wheelchair Cover, 48" x 36" x 72", 1.5mil Clear 110/roll
EC-1810 Mattress Cover 40" x 10" x 90", 2mil Clear 100/roll
EC-1824 Mattress Cover 40" x 10"x 90", 3mil Blue 100/roll
EC-2142 Garment Bag, 21" x 4" x 72", 0.5mil Clear 466/roll
EC-2148 Garment Bag, 21" x 4" x 38", 0.5mil Clear 633/roll
EC-5045 Equipment Cover, 50" x 45", 1.0mil Clear 250/roll



Glove Powder Free

Product Code Description *Unit
GLPF-4100 Glove-Powder Free Latex, Small 1000/case
GLPF-4101 Glove-Powder Free Latex, Medium 1000/case
GLPF-4102 Glove-Powder Free Latex, Large 1000/case
GLPF-4103 Glove-Powder Free Latex, XLarge 1000/case
GPFN-1933 Glove-Powder Free Nitrile, XSmall 1000/case
GPFN-1934 Glove-Powder Free Nitrile, Small 1000/case
GPFN-1935 Glove-Powder Free Nitrile, Medium 1000/case
GPFN-1936 Glove-Powder Free Nitrile, Large 1000/case
GPFN-1937 Glove-Powder Free Nitrile, XLarge 1000/case
GPFV-6100 Gloves- Powder Free Vinyl, Small 1000/case
GPFV-6101 Gloves- Powder Free Vinyl, Medium 1000/case
GPFV-6102 Gloves-Powder Free Vinyl, Large 1000/case

*Gloves sold in cases of 10 boxes with 100 per box.



No assembly required
Lower shipping costs

Pitch-It™ IV poles are designed to eliminate the frustration of retrieving, cleaning, bagging, tagging, and storing those old IV poles. These innovative poles are cost-effective, portable, collapsible, lightweight, and easy to use. They can be unfolded in just seconds, and their tripod design allows them to be used in tight spaces, on the floor or a tabletop.



Product Code Description Unit
IVP-1297 IV Pole-Wheeled, Disposable 6/case
IVP-1298 IV Pole-Floor, Disposable 12/case
IVP-1299 IV Pole-Table Top, Disposable 12/case




































































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