BrrBox Coolers


Pieced cooler, enclosed within a protective corrugated  box for added durability and effectiveness.
Laminated EPS foam walls.
Designed to ensure refrigeration for 36 hours.

Advantages of Cooler Cases:

Less than 20 seconds to assemble.
Requires 2/3 less storage space.
Lightweight for lower shipping costs.
Lower cooler cost.
Produced and shipped according to your needs and specifications.

Why BrrBox?

Low Cost.
Reduce pick up costs.
Reduce Courier costs.
Fast, easy assembly.
Proven performance.
Extensive sizes and styles to streamline your shipping.
Ships any product requiring refrigeration.
Can be shipped with any common carrier.

Custom sizes are available!

BrrBox Coolers can be configured to your specific product size. Give us a call and we'll be happy to work with you to solve your shipping needs!

BrrBox Cooler

Product Code Description Unit
BB- 0888 BrrBox Cooler 8" x 8" x 8", 1" Foam Each
BB-1010 BrrBox Cooler 10" x 10" x 10", 1" Foam Each
BB-1212 BrrBox Cooler 12" x 12" x 12", 1" Foam Each
BB-1298 BrrBox Cooler 12" x 9" x 8", 1" Foam Each
BB-1308 BrrBox Cooler 13.5" x 10.75" x 8.75", 1" Foam Each
BB-1414 BrrBox Cooler 14"x 14" x 14", 1" Foam Each
BB-1519 BrrBox Cooler 15" x 11.75" x 9.75", 1" Foam Each
BB-1616 BrrBox Cooler 16" x 16" x 16", 1" Foam Each
BB-2468 BrrBox Cooler 24.5" x 16" x 18", 1" Foam Each
BB-1308-5 BrrBox Cooler 13.5" x 10.75" x 8.75", 1.5" Foam Each
BB-1414-5 BrrBox Cooler 14" x 14" x 14", 1.5" Foam Each
BB-1519-5 BrrBox Cooler 15" x 11.75" x 9.75", 1.5 Foam Each


BrrBox Cooler Cases

Product Code Description Unit
BBC-0888 BrrBox Cooler Case 8"x8"x8", 1" Foam 8/case
BBC-1010 BrrBox Cooler Case 10"x10"x10", 1" Foam 10/case
BBC-1298 BrrBox Cooler Case 12" x 9" x 8", 1" Foam 11/case
BBC-1212 BrrBox Cooler Case 12"x12"x12", 1" Foam 10/case
BBC-1414 BrrBox Cooler Case 14"x14"x14", 1" Foam 6/case
BBC-1616 BrrBox Cooler Case 16"x16"x16", 1" Foam 4/case




































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