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T.C. Industries was founded in 1996 by T. Craig Clark, a pharmacist interested in providing an effective and economical means of shipping refrigerated product to patients at home. T.C. Industries continues to expand to provide many types of shipping products for the home infusion patient, the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, including candy companies, meat companies, etc.

In addition, T.C. Industries has a full line of complimentary products common to the home infusion and medical industries to help streamline and maximize ordering for the customer.

The BrrBox Cooler System was developed by Craig Clark. It has many unique attributes that set it apart from other means of shipping refrigerated product. The cooler consists of a top and bottom piece, four walls and a corrugated container. The foam inserts are laminated with a heat reflective foil on the inside and outside. These inserts are one inch or one and a half inches thick and interlock with each other to form a tight insulating fit. The inserts line the walls of the corrugated box, creating a durable and light shipping cooler.

The BrrBox Cooler comes in a variety of sizes to fit every need.
The BrrBox Cooler can be delivered constructed or un-constructed. Many customers prefer their coolers to be constructed as this service decreases the amount of time involved in preparing a shipment.
The pieced design allows the BrrBox Cooler to be shipped un-constructed. Shipping un-constructed coolers is more economical; especially when storage space is at a minimum.
BrrBox Coolers have undergone stringent bench testing to offer a fail-safe means of safely transporting temperature sensitive products. Through this testing, we have produced a chart that accurately outlines the amount of gel refrigerant needed to ship products safely and economically to maintain proper refrigerated temperatures.

The GlaSURE Gel Refrigerant is the companion product to the BrrBox Cooler. The GlaSURE Gel Refrigerant comes in four different sizes that allow the user to easily pack our coolers with product and the correct amount of refrigerant.

Currently, we know of no other manufacturer that can provide a usage chart, gel refrigerant and insulated shipping box that eliminates the guessing game of safely shipping refrigerated product.

T.C. Industries offers many advantages to its customers. We are able to ship individualized quantities of products rather than very large minimum orders. Our products can be shipped all over the United States via truck line or specialized carrier. Our manufacturing facility, as well as offices and distribution center are located in Atlanta, Georgia.









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